Nordom Chesapeakes


Dom & Norene Szechenyi ~ Stanwood, Washington

  Nordom is located in the "Beautiful Pacific Northwest". Stanwood is a wonderful country community, with "Scandanavian" roots and traditions. Only a few feet above sea level, it is close to the sound, with a beautiful view of the "Olympics".

    We have been raising Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1975. Nordom prides itself on breeding QUALITY Chesapeakes which are not only Trainable, Have a High Retrieving Desire and are Athletic......but dogs that also have the Tempermanent & Personality to fit into "Family Life"!


      Presently we have chesaspeakes.....they range from 3 1/2  to 12 years.


       We have ALWAYS TRAINED & HANDLED my OWN DOGS at ALL LEVELS: Training from Obedience to Force Fetching to Advanced Work and HANDLING in COMPETITION be it Field Trials (Derby to Open) or Hunt Tests (Junior to Master). Through the years these experiences have influenced what type of Chesapeake Nordom tries to Breed for......that being One that the AVERAGE PERSON can Train.


      We breed occasionally, so I can spend the "Quality Time" that is needed to raise a "Healthy & Happy" litter. Breeding, Whelping and Raising a Litter of pups is a serious commitment - and is 'Number One' priority during all of these stages.


     We choose a potential STUD carefully.......breeding not only to Field Champions or Qualified All-Age Dogs, but Master Hunters as well. We take into consideration not only his pedigree, health clearances & accomplishments, but what he will contribute to "The Litter".

All of Nordom Breeding stock have Hip & Eye clearances, have been checked for PRA and have any other tests we deem necessary.



Est. 1975

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