"When I close my eyes I see you, When I open my eyes I miss you". Today I have a heavy heart. Yesterday my "Dazzle" passed away. I was not ready for that....she left us way to soon. Dazzy always put a smile on my face and made me laugh. She would always greet me with a happy talking growl, often while carrying some toy in her mouth. She was "crazy" enthusiastic about the water, retrieving and everyday life. Stroking her head and saying "Good Puppy" always settled her down, anyplace/anytime. I started this with her when she was just 4 days old....holding beneath my chin, while stroking her little body, putting her to sleep. Yesterday, I did that for the last time..............."I love you....Good Puppy."

Nordom's Razzlin' Dazzlin' Josephine JH

2/8/2010 - 7/27/2014

"Dazzy" was trained/handled by Norene

SIRE: Dazzlin' Joe Montana SH WDX**

DAM: Blaze's Renegade Riverdance MH WDQ

****DC AFC Coot's Gypsy Clipper M

***CH Widgeon's Bedazzlin' Sunshine WDQ***

****DC AFC Bertram's Blazing Firewater MH

Flatland's Tiny Dancer

Dazzy had a love for life.....had only one speed in everything she did......FAST......Razzle Dazzle.....For the love of running, jumping, water & the retrieve !!!!

This is a series of photos when Dazzy was 8 months old.......showing what she loved to do.......Run, Jump, Swim, Retrieve.....REPEAT!

Dazzy was the only pup born in this litter....she was spoiled for sure.....but so were we !!!

The colder the water the better......

"If Love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever".


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