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Last year we added a new puppy to our household. "Brie" is a Chocolate Lab, and fits into our family perfectly.  I (Norene) am having a ball training her and we are currently working towards running her in some hunt tests. This year she should be able to join the team of 'Buck' & 'Dancer' as a family hunting dog!!  'Brie' is much like our surprise to us. She is enthusiastic, birdy, loves to work, to retrieve, the water and is an easy dog to train and live with......she gets along with everyone and loves other dogs as well.

Below is a shot synopsis of our 'life' with Chesapeakes........

For over 42 years we were dedicated to breeding quality Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Chessies that had a good temperament, were sound, tractable, & had a strong retrieving desire. Dogs that were easy for the average person to train and could enjoy doing so. Dogs that 'Loved to Work'!

We sold to Competition Homes, Hunters, and people who just wanted a Companion. We feel that everyone has the right to purchase the "Best Chesapeake", a Breeder has to matter what their Lifestyle or how they plan to "Enjoy their Dog"!

Our dogs are our companions, but we hunt with them, train and compete with them when possible......

We have Trained & Titled numerous Chesapeakes to the TOP Hunting Test level of MASTER HUNTER (all of which continued to compete in Master Tests even after earning their MH Title) is at this level of competition that the trainability of your dog is proven, making him/her the ultimate hunting companion! Prior to running the Hunt Tests we competed with our Chessies in Field Trials......some of our accomplisments there are listed  on our 'Achievement's' Page.

Nordom was not a 'PUPPY FACTORY'. We believed in breeding QUALITY not Quantity. BREEDING FOR WORKING ABILITY - but LOOKS COUNTED - proven by our Show Champion/Master Hunter Titled dogs! We always chose any potential STUD carefully. We took into consideration not only his health clearances, pedigree & field accomplishments, but what he will contribute in temperament, soundness, retrieving desire and overall quality of the litter!

We always spent a lot of time with our litters (something we really miss now); socializing them, introducing them to all kinds of noises, places, birds, situations; water if weather permited and of course a lot of time just plain spoiling them. When everyone's puppy left our home.......we knew we had done our very best to make sure he/she was a healthy, happy, well adjusted pup.......ready, willing & eager to learn & excel at any endeavor!

We hope you enjoy your visit,

Dom & Norene Szechenyi

Dancer, Buck & Brie



. . . a Chocolate Lab

Dom & Norene Szechenyi ~ Stanwood, Washington

Nordom Chesapeakes


"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen." -Pamuk