What an incredibly exciting event the 2006 Master National was. Mead Ranch is a beautiful place, with land a plenty and numerous ponds. The wildlife is abundant from wild turkeys, to deer, and plenty of ground squirrels.........not to mention rattle snakes (didn't see any)! The weather was perfect.....as least for this Washingtonian - High 60's to upper 70's!!!

Everyday I was constantly amazed at the work of the dogs which participated. Not only those who finished, but many of the others as well. Several dogs consistently put in performances that equal the quality of work seen in competitive FT dogs !!!

The judges set a high standard in their tests which started on the first series and continured thru the week up to and including the final series! The tests were difficult and challenging. In fact in the 'B Group' the Test dog AFC FC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH had to be handled on a mark in two of the series. Never boring to handler or spectator.........the tests were creative and imaginative and the judges were constant and consistent in keeping to the standard they had set forth. At the onset the handlers were told that "A dog out of site, is a dog out of control", that a creeping dog would be told to be reheeled, they needed to challenge the blinds & it was obvious that cast refusals on blinds or when handling on marks were very much frowned upon.

From the beginning the judges wanted this years MN to have six series which would equal running 2 Master Tests. They had six triples (3 water/3 land) and 5 blinds (two sets of doubles (land, Land/water and one other water blind). There were two honors (both on land tests).........and flyers were not set up as breaking birds (I believe we only lost a couple of dogs in our group for that reason). They did two walk ups (land& water), 1 diversion bird and one water test from a simulated boat situation - which was our Groups final series. It consisted of a water blind (which looked shoreline, but was not) and then an inline triple by invitation! Dogs went out here due to handler error on the blind, cast refusals and by some having yet another handle on a set of marks.                                                                        By Norene Szechenyi

"Rebel" loved ro train , retriever competition & Hunting.  He was a reliable dog in competition and a consistent finisher.  He was an excellent marker.....who ran great lines on his blinds.......He was very tractable.

He was a happy dog, got along well with other dogs.  He loved people, especially kids.  His favorite pastime was just hanging out with Dom.

                   9/12/2001 - 8/6/2013

"Reb" was trained/handled by Dom

24 AKC MH Passes in a row - 9 HRCH Passes...

Earning his HRCH Title without a failure

Finalist at 2006 AKC Master National -Qualified for Master Natl's of '04,'05,'06,'07

2006 AKC Master Nat'l

  HRCH AM CH INTL CH* Nordom's Apache Rebel MH WDQ

Sire:  ***Gemini's Apache Clipper MH

Dam: HR INTL CH Nordom 's Catch Me Quik AM CAN SH WDX

AKC Master National

October 1 - 8, 2006

Morgan Hill, California

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Dual Award for Rebel