Through years of training & competing with our own Chessies we have learned what it takes to be not only a successful "trainer", but a successful "handler" as well. A good trainer brings out the best in his dog.............knows his dogs strong points and weaknesses, and trains accordingly. A good handler is an assest to his dog and plays a key role in the success or failue of his dog in competition. 'Knowing' your dog and 'Common Sense' are a must in being a good trainer and/or handler.

If you are interested in participating in the AKC Hunting Tests I would recommend that you find someone who has experience in that area to train are best advised to train with someone who has trained and handled a dog to the 'Master Level'. People with dog experience and who are successful at that level are more capable of giving you and your dog the help and advice you may need.

If you decide to seek a professional dog trainer for obedience, force fetching, handling or for any other area of retriever work we recommend that you include the following in your requirements:

~One who is successful at the level & in the area you want to pursue.

~One who knows your breed and who has worked with them.

~One who will adjust his method of training to the individual dog instead of expecting the dog to fit his mold.

~One who is willing to show you how to work with and keep up with the training he has put on your dog.

~One who does not have a "herd" of dogs to train........not being able to give a fair amount of time to your dog.


Nordom Chesapeakes


Dom & Norene Szechenyi ~ Stanwood, Washington

Est. 1975

Retriever Training

In the 1970's we went and watched our first Field was at that time that we decided to start training our chessies for field compeitition. We both had a background of being around our parents and friends dogs when we were young.......but we had never competed with any of our dogs before!

Through the years we have had several qualified all-age field trial dogs, dogs with derby points and some with open points, as well. When the Hunting Tests started in this area in the late 1980's we decided to enter our field trial dog ***Nordom's Hurricane Windy WDQ...........Well she loved it and so did we......she became the First Chesapeake MH Bitch on the West Coast.

Not only do we, but our dogs also like training for the Hunting Tests. We still apply our 'field trial' training methods which we have developed through the bring our dogs to the Master Level. Todays Master Tests are not easy..........'A well trained-good runing Master dog' is equivalant to a Qualifying level field trial dog. To this date we have made 11 AKC Master Hunters............our newest is CK'S Mo Money MH WDQ - who finshed her MH in June of 2010. All of our other MH's have re-qualifed a number of years for the MN. We also have made 3 Canadian Master Hunters, & 2 UKC HRCH's.

In about 1991 we decided we would like to start helping people learn how to train their own dogs for hunting and/or the hunting tests. Training a dog to the master level not only takes a "good dog", but a knowledgable trainer/handler as well. Most people who have the time and dedication can obtain that goal. All the hard work is worth the effort when you and your dog work as a 'team' and achieve the goal that you have set out to do......being it a well trained all around hunting dog or a Master Hunter!

Training for the Hunting Tests are fun..............and set-ups are only limited by your imagination. Since anything goes at the Master level, the more unusual situations you can expose your dog to the better off he will be on the day of competition.

A good training group is made up of people who are not in competition with each other........people who do not have an ego problem.............and people who are willing to do their part to make the session run smoothly. We like to keep our training group small............making corrections when needed, but always ending up with a successful scenerio for the dog. We try to make our sessions as 'real' as possible.......with the use of all the equipment we have available.......from holding blinds, to guns, wingers, max's, bumpers, Dokken's, birds, etc.

Training Sessions

Training slide show coming soon